Extension for minor use


It is possible to get an authorisation for extended use of a plant protection product if you apply for an extension of a product authorisation for minor use, in Sweden a so called UPMA.


It is possible to apply for an extension of a product authorisation for one or several minor uses not already included in the product authorisation. Such an extension is in Sweden termed UPMA, which in Swedish stands for the extension of a product authorisation for minor use.

You can apply for an UPMA if you are or if you represent

  • the person holding the product authorisation
  • an official or scientific body in the field of agriculture
  • an agricultural organisation
  • a professional user.

When an UPMA is granted, it can then be intended for anyone using the plant protection product.

Use the form MIP-0023-E to apply for an UPMA (DOC 142 kB)

What is minor use?

A minor use of a plant protection product could for example be crops that are grown on a small scale with a small total cultivated area. It could also be crops that are grown on a large scale with a large total cultivated area but with a plant protection problem that seldom occurs or only affects a very limited part of the cultivation.

The number of possible combinations of crops and pests is huge. Therefore, the Swedish Chemicals Agency decides on UPMAs on a case-by-case basis. The decisions on UPMA are based on the conditions in each specific application.

For guidance of what could be considered as a minor use it is possible to get a list of all current decisions of UPMAs. You get the list by searching in our database Pesticides Register. Please search for “UPMA” and ”Alla”. The list resulting from your search can be exported to an Excel-file.

Go to the Pesticides Registerexternal link (in Swedish)

There is also a list of major areas of use which can serve as a guidance of uses that are not considered as minor. This list shows common pest in crops that are grown in a large scale. Please notice that this list do not imply that all other uses not on the list are considered as minor uses.

List over crops grown in a large scaleexternal link

Last published 26 August 2020