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Information about the Product report

Manufacturing or importing companies have to submit a product report to the Swedish Chemicals Agency. The report must be submitted on a form or by electronic reporting.

The product report shall be submitted no later than 28 February of the calendar year after the year in which importing or manufacture started.

A product report shall be submitted by companies that:

  • Carry out professional manufacture or transfer of chemical products or biotechnical organisms to Sweden
  • Transfer, package, repackage or change the name of a chemical product or a biotechnical organism.
  • For further transfer make mixtures (preparations) of chemical products or biotechnical organisms.
  • Manufacture or transfer to Sweden chemical pesticides that have to be reported.

The above applies to:

  • Products which are determined to be reported under the statistical Customs Tariff Number in the annex to the Chemical Products and Biotechnical Organisms Ordinance (2008:245).
  • If the product volume manufactured or imported reaches the minimum amount of 100 kg per product.

Please observe changes in the Customs Tariff numbers. On the Accounting Report (Receipt list) for 2013, tariff numbers that discontinued on 1 January 2013 must be given for the total volume during 2012. The new tariff numbers shall be used for new products and to report total volumes during 2013.

Read about changes in the report obligation.

Pesticides also have to be approved by the Swedish Chemicals Agency before they are sold in Sweden. See information about the application for approval of pesticides.



At the beginning of each year, the Swedish Chemicals Agency distributes an Accounting Report of products to be signed by the companies reporting the products. The report has to be revised and returned no later than 28 February. It is important to be aware of this date in order to avoid paying an environmental sanction charge.


Chemical charge

The company has to pay a chemical charge in relation to the annual volume and number of products. Companies concerned are sent an invoice for the chemical charge during the autumn.


Commercial agents

An enterprise may also obtain a permission to make a product report on behalf of its customer, see Permit to a commercial agent.


Secrecy legislation

Regulations on secrecy applicable to the Swedish Chemicals Agency are contained in the Public Access and Secrecy Act (2009:400) and Ordinance (2009:641).

One of Sweden’s constitutional laws, the Freedom of the Press Act, states the fundamental principles of public access to official documents and secrecy. According to this Act, the extent to which secrecy applies is to be regulated solely by the Secrecy Act and Ordinance. It is therefore not possible for the Swedish Chemicals Agency to make any commitments not to communicate the information submitted to the Products Register, for example by signing a secrecy agreement.

Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act on the website of the Government Offices of Sweden.

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