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Time to update the product notification

31 January 2012

Manufacturing or importing companies have to submit a product report to the Swedish Chemicals Agency's Products Register.


At the beginning of each year, KemI distributes a receipt list containing products to be signed by the companies reporting the products. The list has to be revised and returned no later than 28 February. It is important to be aware of this date in order to avoid paying an environmental sanction charge.

Other changes during 2011

Information has to be provided about products which the company has ceased to import or manufacture. If the company has changed name or organisation number, this has also to be reported. Change of composition of a product has to be reported on a separate form.

New report

Companies which during 2011 started manufacture, import, repackaging or mixing chemical products have to submit a product report.

Which products must be reported?

The obligation to report is determined by the product's statistical Customs Tariff Number and if the annual volume is at least 100 kg per product.

Desinfection products for hand use shall be reported to KemI and not as previously to the Swedish Medical Products Agency.

Commercial agents

An enterprise may also obtain a permission to make a product report on behalf of its customer, see Permit to a commercial agent.

Extended telephone hours

The Products Register has extended telephone hours until 29 February:
Mon-Wed and Fri: 09:00-11:00 and 13:00-15:00
Thur: 14:00-16:00

From the glossary
  • Receipt list -

    An excerpt of the products register containing information provided by companies having reported products.

  • Permit to a commercial agent -

    Permit to a commercial agent who is allowed to fulfil the report obligation to the chemical products register instead of the person or company responsible for importing.