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The Swedish Chemicals Agency,
a Toxic-Free Everyday Environment and Bisphenol A

8 June 2012

Within the framework of the current Government assignment, Action Plan for a Toxic-Free Everyday Environment, the Swedish Chemicals Agency show how we, through better regulation, better information, better spreading of knowledge and better co-operation intend to attain the objective. In the consumer area, for instance, electronic products, clothes, our children's toys and our food must not contain hazardous chemicals. We therefore have analyses made every year of several consumer-oriented products such as electronics, toys, tattoo inks, fireworks and clothing. The examples clearly show how we are both dependent on and exposed to chemicals every day.

Recently the Swedish Government alloted three new assignments to us to support the work towards a toxic-free everyday environment.
The first assignment concerns compiling documentation to be the basis for a ban on bisphenol A (BPA) in thermal paper used for receipts, tickets, etc. in the trade area and certain other service sectors.
The second assignment is to determine, in co-operation with the Swedish Consumer Agency, whether bisphenol A can be released from toys and other children's products and, if so, how we can reduce the risks.
The third assignment is that we, together with the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning and the National Food Agency, are to conduct a survey of the extent to which BPA could be released in the relining of drinking water pipes and, if necessary, propose measures to reduce the risks.
The Swedish Chemicals Agency is also open to elucidate other uses of bisphenol A as well as several other chemical substances.

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