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Action plan for a toxin-free everyday environment

10 March 2011

Chemical risks in everyday life must be reduced

In December 2010 the Swedish government com­missioned the Swedish Chemicals Agency (KemI) to produce a national action plan for a toxin-free everyday environment. The plan is to apply between 2011 and 2014.

— More attention will now be paid to chemical risks in everyday products and that is good. KemI has been engaged in this work for several years and we are now able to intensify the efforts. We are going to focus on children as they are more vulnerable to the influence of chemicals, says Nina Cromnier, Director-General of KemI.

An important measure is to examine EU legislation and work to strengthen it in a way that will strongly limit the presence of hazardous chemicals in products. Companies that manufacture and import products should to a larger extent substitute hazardous chemicals, and they will be supported in these efforts. Enforcement activities in the form of inspection of articles will be expanded and information to consumers will be improved in order for them to make informed choices in their daily lives.

Endocrine-disrupting substances, combination effects (so-called cocktail effects) and the risks connected with nano­materials are areas that KemI will focus on.

The objective is for Sweden to become one of the leading member states in the EU in proposing new bans and re­strictions. Increased global co-operation to restrict the use of hazardous chemicals worldwide will also be required. The action plan will lead to intensified cooperation and dialogue with other govern­ment agencies, industry, researchers, environ­mental and consumer organisations.

— I am confident that the partnerships we will enter upon over the next few years will lead to reduced chemical risks in everyday life, says Nina Cromnier.



Jan Hammar
Deputy Director-General
+468-519 41 198

Nina Cromnier
Can be reached through
Karin Abrahamsson, press officer, +4676-504 1273