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Tipping the Swedish Chemicals Agency

A tip-off  may be sent by anyone wishing to alert the Swedish Chemicals Agency about a defect in a chemical product. For example, the product might have incorrect labelling or it might lack a child-resistant fastening. Or the tip-off might concern a pesticide which has not been approved by the Agency. An approved pesticide has a registration number, which can be checked in the Pesticides Register.


System to exchange information about hazardous products - RAPEX

RAPEX is a system used by the EU countries to exchange information about hazardous consumer products available on the market. A list of notifications to RAPEX is published every Friday on hazardous products reported by authorities in the EU member states. The list contains information about the product, its possible hazard and measures taken by the reporting country. See RAPEX weekly notification reports. 

It is also possible to subscribe to Rapex notifications as an RSS-feed to your web browser. Click here to subscribe to the RAPEX RSS-feed

The Swedish Consumer Agency is the contact point for the RAPEX system in Sweden.

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