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Quality and environmental management policy

The Swedish Chemicals Agency (KemI) acts in a proactive and preventive manner, within the EU and on the inter­national stage, to attain the environmental quality objective of A Non-Toxic Environment.

KemI's quality and environmental efforts are an integral part of its daily work. Its tasks are performed in a legally sound and effective way, so that it is able to meet the expectations of its clients and other stakeholders as a government agency.

KemI complies with applicable legislation and other requirements and reduces the environmental impact caused by the running of its offices and by its trans­portation. Environmental considerations are made alongside considerations relating to function, economics, the work environment and safety.

KemI's employees continuously improve the quality and environmental performance in processes, products and services. Improvements are attained as a result of KemI being a prime mover, receptive to opinion and professional in the way it acts, both internally and externally.


Quality and environmental management certificate, I SO 9001 and ISO 14001