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Provisions on phosphorus in laundry detergents and dishwasher detergents for consumers

The Swedish government recently commissioned the Swedish Chemicals Agency (KemI) to investigate the consequences of regulating the content of phosphorus instead of phosphate in detergents. The advantage of having a limit of the total concentration of phosphorus in this kind of products is that the use also of other phosphorus-containing components can be limited since these components sooner or later will be degraded in the environment and cause eutrophication.

Previous impact assessments conducted by KemI have shown that there is a need for permitting low levels of different phosphorus-containing substances and to make room for a certain degree of product development.

The limit can therefore not be set to zero with regard to phosphorus content in laundry detergents and dishwashing detergents. The issue is whether the current limits of 0.2 and 0.5 percent are adequate if the total concentration of phosphorus is to be regulated.

The commission is to be conducted in co-operation with the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the Swedish Consumer Agency and the date for reporting to the government is 6 September 2010.