About the website
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About the website


The Swedish Chemical Agency´s aim is for the website to be accessible and usable to as many people as possible. In terms of development and management, the Agency always strives to the extent possible to follow the standards that apply to creating and maintaining the site's accessibility, both technically and from a usability point of view.

The content on this site is mainly written in Swedish and English. It means that in most cases it is possible to switch languages ​​directly on the page you are reading. You do this by using the language links at the top right of the page.

You can also get the contents read by clicking on the left of the three tool icons at the top right above the text.


Click on the icon for ReadSpeaker for reading the page out loud.



The information filed on the website should be useful for visitors. This means that it should give you guidance in how to act to meet the requirements and to reach the target, A Non-toxic Environment. Rules and advice for safer handling of chemicals in addition to other information and tools can be found.

How to find information on the website

The search function is on the startpage of the site. If you are not sure what you are looking for and where to find information that applies to you, you can always try to use the search. The search function will suggest keyword phrases that can help you. The most common search phrases that other visitors have used are to the right of the search box. Click on any of them and an automatic search is made with that phrase. The search box is on top of all pages.

The Search field an popular search phrases on the website.



When you click on a page a trace is appearing on top of the page. It shows which way you have gone to get to the page where you are. The trace helps you to return easily to a page you previously visited. Click on the links that are orange. The page you're on is always printed with black text.

The bread crumb shows how you have navigated through the website. 


Overview of the startpage

For companies that have contacts with the Swedish Chemicals Agency information is gathered under the blue block "for safer use of chemicals." All links in the headings are marked with an arrow pointing to the right. Other links, such as in running text, are orange.

Information primarily addressed to help municipality supervisors, for example,  is available in the green block "Enforcement". News published by the Swedish Chemicals Agency appear in the orange block "News and Press."

The right column contains information on current issues and questions.
Disposition of information on the start page.


Contents of the footer

The footer of the website is called a global footer, which means that it appears on all the pages you visit. It contains information about the agency, how to get in touch with us and a list of contents that leads you to the starting points for different types of content available on the website. You will also find links to pages that have recently been published or updated.

All pages of the website have links to contact forms that send the question to someone who is competent to answer it. You can always find the contact entry at the top of the right column of the page you visit.

Disposition of the footer of the website.


Contact the Communications Secretariat

Please feel free to contact us for questions or suggestions for how we could better help you to find relevant information. Use the contact form at the top of the right column of the page.

/ Communications Secretariat, webmaster