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The earth as seen from Apollo 17 The earth as seen from Apollo 17 With permit from NASA / JPL-Caltech

The Swedish Chemicals Agency (KemI) participates and contributes to work in progress in different international fields, such as:

  • Support to the Swedish Government and participation in the development and implementation of international conventions and other agreements in the field of chemicals.
  • Development cooperation within the framework of the agreement between KemI and the Swedish international development cooperation agency (Sida).
  • Cooperation in international organisations.
  • Nordic cooperation.

KemI's international activities are co-ordinated by the agency's International Secretariat. Directions for the international work are given in, for example, the Government Bill 'A strategy for a non-toxic environment' and in the appropriation directions for KemI.

Conventions and agreements

The Swedish Chemicals Agency participates in part of the work

Development co-operation

Global, regional and national levels

Co-operation in intergovernmental organisations

The Swedish Chemicals Agency participates in ongoing work in a number of organisations and contributes with expert knowledge

Nordic Co-operation

Sweden, through the Swedish Chemicals Agency, is chairing the Nordic Chemicals Group during 2011