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Classify and label hazardous substances and mixtures

New pictograms for labelling The orange danger symbols will successively be replaced by pictograms

Classification, labelling and safety data sheets

The system with hazard classification and hazard communication aim at identifying the hazardous properties of substances or mixtures in order to ensure that receivers and users will have the information necessary for adequate protection.

In addition to safety data sheets (SDS) to professional users, information on hazard classification shall be provided on the packaging. It shall include pictogram, signal word, hazard and precautionary statements (according to CLP) or danger symbols, danger indications and risk and safety phrases (acccording to the Swedish Chemicals Agency´s Classification and Labelling Regulations (KIFS 2005:7).

The obligation to inform users applies irrespective of the intended use of the product and the risks connected with a particular use. The labelling and SDS are important sources of information for a safe handling of chemical products. 
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New pictograms for labelling of chemical products.

The danger symbols will have a new design. Learn what they mean and test your new knowledge.