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Action plan for a toxic-free everyday environment

A photo of a child looking into the camera. Image from the Swedish Chemicals Agency's Action Plan for a toxic-free everyday environment. Photo: Myrén Film

In December 2010 the Swedish Government instructed the Swedish Chemicals Agency to produce a national action plan for a toxic-free everyday environment. The plan is to apply between 2011 and 2014.

The action plan provides the tools to reduce risks posed by hazardous chemicals in our everyday lives. Implementation of the plan will involve collaboration with other government agencies, industry, scientific community, environmental groups and consumer organisations.

These pages are regularly updated with information that is related to the action plan and how the work is progressing.

A Non-Toxic Environment

One of Sweden's 16 environmental quality objectives.

Chemical substances in articles

Strategies and incentives to reduce the risk with chemicals in the everyday environment.

Endocrine disruptors

Some substances affect the hormonal system. Some of them are prohibited.

Combination effects of chemicals

The cocktail effect of exposure to mixtures of several different chemicals may be larger than the individual components' toxicity alone.

Issues in focus

Information about issues of current interest or requested.

Articles for children

Bisphenol A (BPA)

Chemicals in textiles




More questions in focus