A Non-Toxic Environment
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A Non-Toxic Environment

Illustration of a man picking an apple. One of 16 environmental quality objectives: A Non-Toxic Environment Illustration: Tobias Flygar

Despite regulations and efforts from authorities and enterprises, the use and spread of chemicals in society increase. Substances with hazardous properties are found in places where they do not belong: in the bodies of human beings, in plants, animals, water and soil.

The knowledge about the effects of substances is limited. If it comes to the worst, hazardous chemicals could cause harm and disease in the long-term perspective, for example by effects on the hormone system, fertility and mental capacity. Using chemicals therefore requires increased awareness and caution.

A Non-Toxic Environment is one of 16 environmental quality objectives set up by the Swedish Government. The Swedish Chemicals Agency acts as a driver of developments and has suggested a number of important targets to make it possible to reach the objective until 2020. But everyone is needed to help attaining a sustainable production and use of chemicals for safer products, articles and services.