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What is the Swedish Chemicals Agency?

The Swedish Chemicals Agency is a
governmental authority working to control chemicals.

The Swedish Chemicals Agency is often called KemI.
"Kem" comes from the word chemical and the "i" from inspection.

The Swedish Government and the Riksdag decide the activities
of KemI and how much money KemI can spend each year.

About 270 persons work at KemI and the name of
the director-general is Nina Cromnier.


What does KemI do?

KemI strive to reach an environment
free from hazardous substances.

KemI checks companies manufacturing
and importing chemical products.

KemI keeps a register of chemical products.

KemI handles permits to sell pesticides
(products used to control weed or vermin, for example).

KemI helps local authorities and county councils
in their work to check chemicals.

KemI also co-operates with other countries,
in Europe and in the rest of the world.


If you want to contact KemI

Telephone: +46-8-519 41 100

Send an e-mail: kemi@kemi.se

Send a letter to: Box 2, SE - 172 13 Sundbyberg

Visit KemI at the office address: Esplanaden 3A, Sundbyberg

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