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Statistical bulletin tables

Since 1994, the Swedish Chemicals Agency and Statistics Sweden (SCB) have jointly produced a Statistical Bulletin, entitled Miljö- och hälsofarliga kemikalier (Chemicals Hazardous to the Environment and Health), with product number MI 45.

In 2012, the Swedish Chemicals Agency decided to stop publishing these statistics. Data and figures contained in the bulletins are still available in the SCB databases and on the website of the Swedish Chemicals Agency. Analyses of specific areas corresponding to those that were presented as special studies will be found in brief statistics on the website of the Swedish Chemicals Agency.

The last Statistical Bulletin in this series was published in May 2012 and concerned the reference year 2010.

Special studies

Each edition of the SM-Series Chemicals Hazardous to the Environment and Health also includes a special investigation that shows more in detail a specific product and the substances used in it. Since 1994, the following special investigations have been published:

  • Na 45 SM 9401 No special investigation.
  • Na 45 SM 9501 Cleaning products and included preservatives.
  • Na 45 SM 9601 Major types of products for construction.
  • Na 45 SM 9701 Carcinogenic, allergenic and mutagenic substances and those toxic to reproduction, including a table of substances classified differently in Sweden than in the rest of EU.
  • Na 45 SM 9801 Rigid plastics, polymers and monomers, diisocyanates, Bisphenol A-diglycidylether and acrylates.
  • Mi 45 SM 9901 Biocides, preservatives and disinfectants.
  • Mi 45 SM 0001 Products available to consumers.
  • Mi 45 SM 0101 Products and chemicals for construction.
  • Mi 45 SM 0201 Paint products.
  • MI 45 SM 0301 CMR substances in chemicals.
  • MI 45 SM 0401 Use of environmentally hazardous chemicals.
  • MI 45 SM 0701 Adhesives.
  • MI 45 SM 0801 Cleaning agents.
  • MI 45 SM 0901 Sensitizing substances and chemical products.
  • MI 45 SM 1001 Biocides.
  • MI 45 SM 1101 Consumer products.
  • MI 45 SM 1201 Chemicals in the working environment.

Download the Statistical Bulletins on the SCB website.

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