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What should I do if I get problem with rats and mice?

Question :

What should I do if I get a problem with rats and mice?

Answer :

If you have a problem with rats and mice, please contact a professional pest control company through your "householder's comprehensive insurance" or contact the property owner. A trained professional with a special permit from the Public Health Agency of Sweden (before 2014 the permits were issued by the National Board of Health and Welfare) may use chemical pesticides in authorisation class 1 So (Read more about authorisation classes). They have knowledge of safe and efficacious chemical pest control such as rat poison and they also know about alternative methods.

In the case of a mice infestation it is advisable to apply a step-by-step approach; starting with preventing the problem, then catching by mousetrap, and only using chemical pesticides as a last resort.


Seal openings where mice can get into the building. Check ventilation ducts, basement, attic and drains. Mice only need a gap of 7 mm to enter.

Clean up food scraps and waste, which attract mice. This also applies to public places, as in parks and at recycling centres in urban environments. Store food in a refrigerator or container.


Use mousetrap. Follow the instructions on where to place it, appropriate food baits, how often they should be checked, etc.


If no other methods work, you can ultimately use chemical pesticides. They poison mice, but may also accidentally poison humans and other animals. Only use pesticides approved by the Swedish Chemicals Agency. You can search for approved pesticides in the Pesticides Register.

As a consumer, you may use pesticides in Class 3. If you use pesticides, follow the user instructions. The dead mice and the leftover pesticides must be treated as hazardous waste. Check with your local authority how the waste should be handled. In case of suspected poisoning, follow the instructions on first aid on the package, contact the poison information center and seek medical advice.








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