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Whom should I contact to obtain more information about a pesticide?

Question :

Whom should I contact to obtain more information about a pesticide?

Answer :

Contact the Swedish Poisons Information Centre in an acute case of poisoning (telephone 112 or +46 8 331231).

The person or company that manufactures, imports or releases a pesticide onto the market is required to be able to provide the product information that is needed to protect human health and the environment. Contact initially, therefore, the place of purchase or the company that possesses the approval if you have any questions about a specific product. Contact information should be available on the product packaging.

For pesticides that are sold to professional users, agents approved in Classes 1 and 2, it is required that the manufacturer, importer or distributor be able to provide a safety data sheet.

Regulations concerning safety data sheets are provided by Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council (Reach), Article 31 and Annex II. The safety data sheet must be written in the Swedish language. In association with the approval of a pesticide, the Swedish Chemicals Agency (KemI) writes a product report that summarises information about the impact of the product on health and the environment.

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