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Genetically modified organisms (GMO)

The Swedish Chemicals Agency (KemI) is responsible for issues on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) relating to:

  • deliberate release into the environment of genetically modified microorganisms, nematodes, arachnids and insects;
  • release onto the market of products containing or consisting of genetically modified microorganisms, nematodes, arachnids and insects.
    In addition, these groups of organisms are pre-examined by KemI if they are to be applied as biological pesticides.

A person intending to place any of the above organisms or a product containing such an organism on the Swedish market must file an application for approval before use can take place.

Regulations on pesticides apply also to microorganisms, nematodes, arachnids and insects used as pesticides, see Pesticides Regulations. 

From the glossary
  • GMO -

    A genetically modified organism is an organism in which the genetic material has been changed in a way that is not naturally occurring through mating or through recombination.