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Use approved anti-mosquito bracelets only

3 May 2012

Bracelets or other accessories that contain active ingredients to deter various animals such as mosquitoes and ticks, must be approved by the Swedish Chemicals Agency (KemI). Unfortunately, several products which have not been reviewed and approved by KemI have appeared on the Swedish market.

Many times these products are marketed as harmless on the grounds that they contain only natural oils produced from plants. But natural oils are not always harmless, and some of the products may contain substances which with a prolonged skin exposure might cause allergic reactions.

Companies that manufacture or import products are responsible for ensuring that they are not harmful. In connection with the process of reviewing and approving a pesticide, KemI makes an assessment whether the risks to human health and the environment are acceptable when the product is used, and if the product is sufficiently effective for the purpose it has.

If the product has been approved, it has a four-digit registration number on the label, see example. The registration number shall be consistent with the data contained in KemI´s Pesticides Register.

Label of registered pesticide, Class 3 product.


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