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Sold quantities of pesticides

2 July 2012

During 2011, about 8,551 tonnes of chemical pesticides (as active substance) were sold in Sweden. This is a reduction with 64 tonnes compared with the preceding year. Most of the sold amount (nearly 71 per cent) was used by the industry, primarily for pressure and vacuum impregnation of timber.

Försålda kvantiteter av bekämpningsmedel 2011 (Sold quantities of pesticides in 2011).

See also Statistic Sweden´s publication Pesticides in Swedish agriculture. Number of hectar doses.

Information has been published annually since 1979 on sold quantities of pesticides in Sweden. The statistics are based on data provided by holders of approved pesticides.

See statistics from previous years.

Sold quantities of pesticides are part of the official statistics of Sweden.





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