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New international programs and collaboration

19 June 2012

The Swedish Chemicals Agency (KemI) initiates, in collaboration with Sida, a new period of training for countries wishing to develop their chemical control.

Between 2012 and 2016, KemI will arrange a further nine international training programmes (ITP), aimed at countries in Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa. The goal is to build up chemical control including legislation and government agencies in the countries, for improved health and environment.

ITP courses on chemicals have been arranged since 2007 and demand for courses has been high. Many countries see the need to develop their chemical control.

Officials from the administrations are invited to a three and a half week course in Sweden. After that they conduct a project in their own country. The Swedish Chemicals Agency supports the participants in the project implementation. After six months, the participants meet again and present the results of their projects. Each course can accommodate 25 participants. So far about 150 participants from 30 countries have joined the training.

Other new contracts with Sida

In addition to the ITP programmes KemI recently signed other agreements with Sida. Planning grants for bilateral cooperation with India and South Africa are for example to begin. This collaboration also concern the development of chemical authorities and legislation.

With funding from the European Commission KemI will also enter into a bilateral project in Tunisia, in cooperation with Austria and France.