KemI is proposing meas...
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KemI is proposing measures for
a toxic-free everyday environment

14 June 2012

In January 2013, the Swedish Chemicals Agency (KemI) will be submitting an interim report on the action plan for a toxic-free everyday environment. But KemI has already identified a number of measures that would help to reduce the chemical risks occurring in the everyday environment. The proposals are communicated in a memo presented to the Government Offices.

The measures would also be a step towards the parliamentary environmental quality objective A Non-Toxic Environment. Examples of proposed measures are:

  • Increase investment in research. KemI wants to see an increase by 15 million per year for 6 years to assess the health and environmental risks of chemicals
  • Develop EU legislation on chemicals. The EU chemicals regulation REACH needs to be developed to assess whole groups of chemicals. Today, many risk reduction measures in REACH are based on assessing the risk of substances one by one.
    (See also Report 1/12 "Bättre EU-regler för en giftfri miljö/Better EU rules for a non-toxic environment").
  • Strengthen enforcement in Sweden and the EU. The importance of authorities in Sweden and the EU having resources to check the presence of hazardous substances in consumer products is a point that is emphasised.

The interim report to be presented in 2013 will include additional proposals for measures.