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KemI continues checking home electronics

9 May 2012

Throughout 2012, the Swedish Chemicals Agency will be analysing products in home electronic products to ensure that they do not contain excessive levels of lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium and the flame retardants PBB and PBDE. These substances are limited in electronics under the RoHS Directive, which applies in all EU member states.

17 products from 14 different companies were analysed from January to mid April 2012. Only one of the 17 products contained a high content of lead. High levels of chromium were found in nine products, but the analytical method used could not decide if the measured substance was the prohibited form of chromium. In the cases where chromium was found, the importer or manufacturer was informed about this and recommended to find out himself in what forms the chromium occurred.

The company which had imported the product found to contain excessive levels of lead has been notified to an environmental prosecutor on suspicion of environmental offence being committed.

Further work

The Swedish Chemicals Agency continues to analyse home electronic products throughout the year and companies whose products have been analysed will be contacted to take part of the result.


Camilla Westlund