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Improved information required on chemicals for construction

22 August 2012

From 2012 companies that report construction products to the Swedish Chemicals Agency's Products Register have to categorise their products in a more specific way. Information is required about what type of building the products are to be used for.

The new categories for construction products will lead to better knowledge of chemicals that are built into buildings and infrastructure such as roads and bridges.

New codes

Construction products will be divided into the following SIC codes:

  • F41 Construction of buildings
  • F42 Civil engineering
  • F43 Specialized construction activities.

The ability to report only with code F Construction will cease to exist.

Receipt list

On the Receipt list for 2012 which will be sent out in January 2013, companies that have products reported in the code F Construction have to specify in what part of the construction industry the product is to be used.

Today there are about 5000 products with the code F Construction in the Products Register. They have been reported by some 300 companies.