Completed projects
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Completed projects

Poisons centres

KemI has signed an agreement with the International Programme for Chemical Safety (IPCS), WHO, to support with funding from Sida, the development of poisons centres in seven African countries or in countries where centres have to be strengthened in promoting chemical safety and supporting health sector needs for safe chemicals management.

Funds provided for 2007 included support to strengthening the INTOX global network of poisons centres and enhancement of the use of the INTOX Data Management System to facilitate the collection of harmonised data on human exposures.

In the final WHO report which was presented in January 2011 it is stressed that activities carried out within the framework of this work have had a continued positive effect on the capacity of developing countries to manage chemicals and poisonings caused by chemicals. 

Contact: Maria Delvin


Baltic Forum, BEF

The Swedish Chemicals Agency (KemI) has been supporting the Baltic Environment Forum, BEF, which is an organisation under the Baltic ministries of environment.

The BTox project was carried out between KemI, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The aim was to improve education and training in toxicology in the Baltic countries and to meet the demands on expertise at public institutions and universities.

Experiences gained are generally applicable to countries with less developed chemicals control and KemI is applying the BTox concept in co-operation projects with developing countries and countries with economies in transition.

Relevant information on the project can be found on the website of the BTox project.

Contact: Ule Johansson


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