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International training programme (ITP)

The Swedish Chemicals Agency (KemI) and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) have renewed the International Training Programme - ITP299, "Strategies for Chemicals Management". Two programmes are started each year, addressed to a number of countries in Eastearn Europe, South-East Asia and Afria. During 2007-2016 the Swedish Chemicals Agency will have arranged in total 17 programmes, addressed to a number of countries in Eastern Europe, South-East Asia and Africa and with 25 participants in each group.

The purpose of the training programme is that participants from ministries and authorities acquire the knowledge and skill required to build up functional chemicals control in their own countries.

The ogoing ITP, with participation from countries in Asia, takes place between 3-25 March 2014 in Sweden, followed by a regional phase between 10-14 November 2014.

The following training programme (15 September to 14 October 2014 in Sweden, followed by a regional phase 20-24 April 2015) is addressed to countries in Europe. Applications had to be made no later than 3 April 2014, but it is still possible to submit applications. Please contact, Gunilla Antvik, Programme Manager, as soon as possible for information,

Information about ITP299 (Asia)  with application forms and instructions on how to apply are available on Sida´s webpage Strategies for Chemicals Management (299).

Read more about ITP programs under Courses and training.

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