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The objective and interim targets

A non-toxic environment is one of 16 environmental quality objectives adopted by the Swedish Parliament. The Swedish Chemicals Agency is the responsible agency for this objective. Environmental quality objectives define the aim of the environmental work, while interim targets indicate scope and time perspectives for concrete environmental measures. A progress report is to be submitted to the Parliament every year.

A Non-Toxic Environment - the environmental quality objective

"The occurrence of man-made or extracted substances in the environment must not represent a threat to human health or biological diversity. Concentrations of non-naturally occurring substances will be close to zero and their impacts on human health and on ecosystems will be negligible. Concentrations of naturally occurring substances will be close to background levels."

The environmental quality objective A Non-Toxic Environment is specified to mean that:

  • Total exposure to chemical substances via all routes of exposure is not harmful to humans or biological diversity,
  • The use of particularly hazardous substances has ceased to the extent possible,
  • The spread of unintentionally produced substances with hazardous properties is very small and information on formation, sources, emissions, and distribution of the most significant of these substances and their degradation products are available,
  • Polluted areas are remedied to the extent that they pose no threat to human health or the environment,
  • Knowledge about the environmental and health properties of chemical substances is available and sufficient for a risk assessment to be made,
  • Information is available on the environmental and health hazardous substances in materials, chemical products and articles.
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